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Hi everyone! Apologies for my absence from the wiki. I'm really glad to see the recent activity, and I'm ready to jump back into the fray. Some updates and thoughts:

First, I've been participating in many meetings at the Foundation about strategy, including the February board meeting, and you can absolutely be sure that both the staff and the board are seriously listening to and benefiting from the work done here. I can pass along feedback from those meetings, but I think people at the Foundation need to engage here themselves. Part of the problem has been that the staff (as always, overworked) has been particularly busy the past few months, with preparation for the board meeting and new staff coming on board. I am pushing really hard to get a few additional people from the Foundation to start actively participating here.

Second, there are two things that need to happen here. We need to take the discussion and feedback from the process so far and start crafting a set of movement-wide recommendations. That is what this group is for. A big part of that is identifying who should do what (i.e. the movement roles conversation). I think there's been somewhat of a culture here that the Foundation would decide these questions, and the Foundation definitely needs to and will take a stand on what it should be involved with, but ultimately, we need to decide these questions.

We also need to take some of the great work here and turn it into a platform for action. That has already started. We now have two ad hoc task forces started by people here on this wiki, and I know of at least one more being discussed. We also have a huge number of proposals, and I think we can do a better job of organizing those proposals, possibly with the help of some tools. I hope we can get a group of people together to work on this, and Kozuch, I think you would be great at leading it.

I'll be posting many more thoughts this week. Let me know if you have additional thoughts or questions. Thanks again!

Eekim16:16, 23 February 2010