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    Wie sinn eis Stakeholders?

    • Non-readers (six billion people old enough to read who do not benefit from Wikimedia projects directly)
    • Readers (three hundred two million unique visitors each month, viewing 950 million pages a day)
    • Contributors and other volunteers, whether called users, editors, wikers (some ten million registered users, a million contributors, a hundred thousand active and ten thousand very active editors,[1] of which three thousand care enough about WMF to vote in trustees elections, while 17,462 voted for the licensing update).
    • Foundation – trustees, staff, advisory board
    • Chapters – perhaps two thousand participants who have been members of a chapter at some point.[2]
    • MediaWiki Developers – perhaps ten thousand active users of the software, two hundred of which contribute patches, bugs, and ideas[3] and another thousand of which contribute to localizations.[4]
      • Extension developers
      • Localization, internationalization, (Anloc)
    • Donors (approximately a quarter million people have ever donated to the foundation)
    • Partners / allies, for example Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) or educational institutions (schools)
      • Re-users (people who seek to re-purpose or re-present Wikimedia content)
    • MediaWiki users (outside Wikimedia)
    • Content subjects (people and organisations who have Wikimedia content written about them)
    • "Suppliers" like Creative Commons Corporation and Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    • Computer hardware sellers like Sun, IBM and others, for example One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
    • Big telco like Orange, T-Mobile ... (selling cellphones featuring Wikipedia ...)


    1. See global Wikipedia stats [1] [2] [3] and increase by a 10? % factor to consider sisterprojects.
    2. m:Wikimedia chapters gives a 1703 total of current members, with 2 chapters without any figure.
    3. Compare: the full list of people with access to at least one of our Subversion repositories gives a 219 total (not all of these contribute code); wikibugs-l has 116 subscribers, mediawiki-cvs 115.
    4. Translatewiki statistics.