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    • Engage with the Fact base; review, comment, and build on the data we're compiling in order to understand the current state of Wikimedia in terms of contributers, readers, and content.
    • Pick a random proposal and give your opinion on the talk page. How could this proposal improve? Be sure to rate it!
    • Want to volunteer but don't really know much about strategy? Why not see if there's anything for you on the To Do or Wiki issues pages?

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    Dialog-information.svg Discuss Task Force Recommendations.
    Emblem-question.svg Contribute to our knowledge-base, Wikimedia-pedia.
    Emblem PR.svg Spread the word.

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    Please help review and edit Wikimedia's 5-year strategic priorities.
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    Expand reach within midsize and under-connected populations
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    Java applet support

    Cog-scripted-svg.svg How do I get involved?

    At this point in the process, we've collected questions and proposals: now it's time to discuss them and to see how they tie to a greater vision. Below are a few links that might be of interest.

    Questions that need answers is a great place to start the discussion.
    »  Where should Wikimedia go? | Call for proposals
    »  What are the task forces? | How to participate
    »  What can I do to help on the wiki?

    Cog-scripted-svg.svg How does this process work?