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Strategic Plan/2010-2015 WMF Business Plan Draft/Stronger community/en

From Strategic Planning

The Community Health and Quality task forces have identified several inter-connected and complementary priorities and potential approaches related to improving community health

Priority Potential Approaches
Provide guidance for newer contributors to reduce policy trip-ups and “risk of being bitten”
  • Improve training/mentoring systems for new users
  • Provide “in the moment” education and support through new article wizards
  • Create tools that simplify and improve access to commonly used features and make it easier to ask for help
Regularly and consistently assess the quality of all articles, systematically identify quality gaps, and prioritize/promote improvement opportunities and requests
  • Introduce automated assessment of article quality and importance
  • Introduce the ability for readers to quickly signal issues with article quality
  • Alert contributors of articles in need of work that they may be interested in contributing to
Recognize and provide incentives for ongoing quality contributions
  • Implement a reputational system that tracks the quality of contributions and identifies “senior editors”
Facilitate collaboration and coordination around solving problems, resolving disputes and adding value
  • Better leverage technology that enables social ties, affinity groups, and collaboration spaces
  • Leverage senior editors
  • Introduce new consensus-building processes for disputes that are large and/or repetitive