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Call for participation/Task force application

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  • Call for participation/Task force application


Wikimedia is embarking on a bold strategic planning endeavor, with your help: a strategic planning process that will help define directions for the Wikimedia movement over the next five years. This will involve surfacing priorities and shared goals that we can all work towards. There are several ways to help:

Participate on a task force: Task forces will be the backbone for the strategic planning process. They will be given a specific topic and questions to answer related to emerging strategic priorities. Task forces will be responsible for engaging in in-depth research, analysis, and dialogue in order to produce recommendations for the community and the Wikimedia Foundation on their topic. Over the next few months (from October to mid-December), task force members will be asked to commit a substantial amount of time to this work. Each task force will have a core group of 5-10 members who will be asked to volunteer up to 10 hours per week or 100 hrs in total preparing, researching, and consolidating the group's work.

Provide your expertise on an ad hoc basis: If you have expertise that you would like to offer to the planning process, but you don't think you have time to serve on a task force, please describe who you are, what role you would like to play in the process, and how you could help.

The task force application process will be open through October 5, 2009 or until 2,000 applications are submitted, whichever comes first.

Applications will be subject to the Wikimedia Foundation privacy policy. If you apply to serve on a strategy task force and are selected to do so, the information you provide, with the exception of your email address, will be publicly shared on the task force description page.

Form Text

Thank you for your interest in participating in strategic planning on behalf of the Wikimedia movement.

In the form below, please describe what relevant experience or training you have, what topics you are interested in working on, and what role you would like to play in the process.

Personal Information

  • Email (please repeat) [SMALL TEXT FIELD]
  • What country do you live in? [SMALL TEXT FIELD]
  • What languages are you fluent in? [SMALL TEXTAREA]
  • How much time per week do you expect to have to volunteer to this process over the next few months? 1 hour | 5 hours | 10 hours | 15+ hours | don't know/it depends [RADIOBUTTON]

Areas of Expertise/Interest

Which topics are you most interested and qualified to work on (there is some overlap in these categories; please check all that apply): [CHECKBOXES]


  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • Oceania

Subject matter

  • Censorship/content restrictions
  • Collaboration processes and tools
  • Content partnerships
  • Education
  • Governance models
  • Languages, internationalization
  • Mobile access
  • Multimedia
  • New wiki projects
  • Offline distribution/editing
  • Outreach/community diversity
  • Political issues
  • Quality assurance
  • Software development
  • Technology operations
  • Wikimedia Chapters

Other subjects: [SMALL TEXTAREA]


  • Branding/marketing/business development
  • Communications/outreach
  • Data analysis/research
  • Facilitation
  • Fundraising
  • Law/policy/advocacy
  • Software development
  • Strategic planning
  • Volunteer management
  • Website operations

Other skills: [SMALL TEXTAREA]

  • What skills and experience (Wikimedia-related and otherwise) do you have that will allow you to contribute to the planning process? Where helpful, please include hyperlinks to relevant work. [LARGE TEXTAREA]

Task Force Application

  • Would you like to apply to volunteer your participation on a Task Force? Participation may take up to 10 hours a week through December 2009. Yes | No [RADIOBUTTON]
  • Why are you interested in participating in Wikimedia's strategic planning process? [LARGE TEXTAREA]

Form controls:

  • Submit form


Dear {{name}} ,

Thank you for your interest in helping with the Wikimedia strategic planning process! If you have indicated interest in participating on a task force, you will be contacted if you are selected to participate in a task force. Otherwise, you may be contacted as the strategic planning process progresses.

Form submission screen

Thank you!

Your strategic planning volunteering application was successfully submitted and you should receive an e-mail confirmation shortly (please check your spam folder). If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at [EMAIL ADDRESS], or leave a note on the Strategy Wiki Village Pump.

Other form UI stuff

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