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विकिमिडिया व्यूहात्मक योजना का बनवत आहे?

पहा उद्देश आणि तत्वे.

एनिवे,व्यूहात्मक योजना म्हणजे काय?

Strategic planning is focused time for self-reflection. As a general rule, it involves a phase in which you evaluate the current environment, a phase for visualizing the future environment, and a road map to getting to that future environment. More information can be found at w:Strategic planning.

व्यूहात्मक योजना प्रक्रीयेची आपल्याला आवश्यकता का आहे?

We have an opportunity to build greater alignment across the movement. At worst, it's an opportunity to clearly capture what we currently agree and disagree on. At best, it's an opportunity to converge on a concrete set of priorities over the next five years.

"आपण" म्हणजे कोण?

पहा विकिमीडिया स्टेक होल्डर्स.

मेटा / फाउंडेशन-l / चॅप्टर मेलिंग लिस्ट / #विकिपीडिया / इत्यादी. आधीच उपलब्ध असताना आणखी याची भर कशाला ?

Sure. And in a whole lot of other places too.

The purpose of this process is not to start the conversation all over again. The purpose is to start integrating the conversations, bringing greater attention to critical issues so that we may start converging on what's important.

एक्सपेक्टेड आऊटकम काय आहे?

See Deliverables.


सहभागी कसे व्हावे?

For starters, join the discussion. Encourage others -- especially those who aren't normally heard -- to join the discussion as well. Identifying Key Questions is a good place to start. As concrete ideas start to emerge, make a proposal. If you know of other places where strategic planning is being discussed, let the convenors know about them.

वेगळा विकि का?

We wanted to start a fresh space where ideas about strategy could get integrated. We felt that, if we created a compelling reason to come, both existing volunteers and new voices would feel welcome to join the conversation.

We do not expect nor want all strategic discussions to happen here. First, it's unrealistic. Second, many conversations have already happened elsewhere. Third, although we are trying very hard to create a multilingual space here, we also recognize that the predominant language here is English.

This space is a place for ideas to get integrated. If there were important ideas that came out of a Meetup or a Chapter meeting, make a proposal. If you already hashed out an issue elsewhere, link to that conversation. Have your discussions within your communities in the languages you feel most comfortable, then summarize those discussions here, where they can be translated into multiple languages.

एनिवे, प्रस्ताव म्हणजे काय?

A proposal is an idea. When you make a proposal, you're submitting an idea for the future of Wikimedia, or a path that Wikimedia should follow. Some proposals might make it into the final plan, but all proposals appear on this website for members of the community to look at, debate, and think about. Ideally, some proposals will be so compelling that people will want to go out and make them happen.

कन्व्हीनर म्हणजे कोण?

Our goal is to create the space where this conversation can happen and get integrated. Anyone can be a convenor. If you'd like to help with this process, add yourself to the list.

फायनल प्लान मध्ये काय जाणार याचा निर्णय कोण घेणार?

We have some initial ideas, and we hope that you'll help us refine them.

The important thing to remember is that just because ideas don't make it into the final plan doesn't mean they're not important and should not be pursued by motivated individuals. One of the purposes of the Call for proposals is to articulate and bring attention to as many ideas as possible, so that these documents can be used for Meatball:BarnRaising.