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May 25 20:54:06 * Now talking on #wikimedia-strategy
May 25 20:54:06 * Topic for #wikimedia-strategy is: Please consider joining the strategy task force to write the plan: | Living people task force meeting agenda:
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May 25 20:56:12 <Jamesofur> howdy eekim
May 25 20:57:46 <eekim> hi Jamesofur
May 25 20:57:53 <eekim> wikimedia strategy office hours starts in two minutes on #wikimedia-strategy. hope to see you there.
May 25 20:58:03 * Herodotus (~pez@unaffiliated/recognizance) has joined #wikimedia-strategy
May 25 21:00:22 <eekim> hi everyone, and welcome!
May 25 21:00:54 <eekim> just me today. philippe is taking a breather.
May 25 21:01:15 <eekim> any template gurus here tonight?
May 25 21:02:03 <Ashlee> Just ask your question.
May 25 21:02:45 <eekim> we're trying to develop a nice, readable sidebar to attach to proposals
May 25 21:02:57 <eekim> as a way of highlighting proposal status and tying proposals to movement priorities
May 25 21:03:10 <eekim> philippe has a mockup at:
May 25 21:03:12 <mikelifeguard> I would have said yes a while ago, but after the silly things I was doing ( Ashlee knows ) the other day... :P
May 25 21:03:23 <eekim> you can still probably help
May 25 21:03:26 <eekim> we need two things
May 25 21:03:41 <eekim> first, we need to make that sidebar look nice
May 25 21:03:59 <eekim> second, we need to make the template itself very user-friendly, so that when people create proposals, they won't be frightened by the template code
May 25 21:04:04 <Ashlee> DPL is installed? Why...
May 25 21:04:19 <eekim> it's used on the proposals page
May 25 21:04:36 <eekim> DPL is not related to what i'm talking about. you can ignore it on philippe's sandbox page.
May 25 21:04:55 <Ashlee> {{Autotranslate|1=|
May 25 21:04:57 <Ashlee> Good grief.
May 25 21:05:14 <eekim> yeah, i find the autotranslate template annoying. what page are you looking at?
May 25 21:05:25 <Ashlee> "Call for proposals"
May 25 21:05:34 <Ashlee>
May 25 21:05:46 <eekim> look at:
May 25 21:06:03 <eekim> template is at:
May 25 21:06:07 <Ashlee> List of proposals isn't using DPL, for what it's worth.
May 25 21:07:05 <eekim> ah, right
May 25 21:07:06 * Risker (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Risker) has joined #wikimedia-strategy
May 25 21:07:23 <eekim> okay, trying to remember why/whether we're actually using DPL right now
May 25 21:07:26 <Ashlee> Vector is truly awful.
May 25 21:07:32 <eekim> we set up that proposal stuff almost a year ago now
May 25 21:07:54 <Risker> it's not that bad, Ashlee, it's much more reader-friendly, and easier for beginner editors to use
May 25 21:08:09 <Ashlee> If you say so.
May 25 21:08:20 <Ashlee> "View history" feels awfully prominent to me.
May 25 21:08:31 <Ashlee> I keep wanting to click it to edit.
May 25 21:08:56 <Ashlee> You all need an intern.
May 25 21:09:20 <eekim> ah, using DPL for task forces:
May 25 21:09:35 <Ashlee> Yeah, still can't figure out why.
May 25 21:09:49 <Ashlee> You seem to only use it to list category membership.
May 25 21:10:17 <eekim> i believe we were going to play with some sorting capabilities that categorytree didn't have
May 25 21:10:57 <eekim> as it turns out, we're developing our own extension to do some funkier things:,_task_forces
May 25 21:12:56 <Ashlee> You should normalize parameter input.
May 25 21:13:19 <eekim> on philippe's sidebar template?
May 25 21:13:23 <Ashlee> Yes.
May 25 21:13:26 <Ashlee> And validate it.
May 25 21:13:45 <eekim> would love some help with that.
May 25 21:14:21 <Risker> I apologise for being somewhat late to the party, but could I ask what tonight's topic is?
May 25 21:14:39 <eekim> hi risker. i'm asking for some technical help tonight for some stuff we're doing on strategy wiki.
May 25 21:14:45 <eekim>
May 25 21:14:59 <eekim> it's a template we want to add to all the proposals on strategy wiki
May 25 21:15:06 <Risker> ah excellent. Then that gives me an excuse to skedaddle, I can barely turn a computer on ;p
May 25 21:15:18 <eekim> it would show (a) the status of a proposal; and (b) how the proposal is connected to strategic priorities
May 25 21:15:32 <eekim> sorry to hear that, Risker. are there topics you wanted to discuss related to strategy?
May 25 21:16:07 <Risker> no ,not at all. This is an entirely valid topic, just not one in which I have much to add
May 25 21:16:31 <eekim> have you seen:
May 25 21:16:49 <eekim> trying to get as much input as possible on that page
May 25 21:20:29 <Charcoal_> sorry to interrupt things but quick question: do you have to create a new account for every different type of wiki? (e.g. wikipedia, wikibooks, wikiversity, wikimedia, etc)
May 25 21:20:38 <Ashlee> Not really.
May 25 21:20:54 <eekim> hi Charcoal_
May 25 21:21:00 <Ashlee> There.
May 25 21:21:03 <Ashlee> I made it prettier.
May 25 21:21:21 <eekim> Charcoal_, you should be able to use your same username/password for those sites
May 25 21:21:37 * Risker (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Risker) has left #wikimedia-strategy
May 25 21:21:52 <Charcoal_> oh, it didn't let me. I had to create 3 new accounts (luckily the name Charcoal wasn't taken :D)
May 25 21:22:20 <eekim> thanks, Ashlee!
May 25 21:22:27 <eekim> much improved
May 25 21:22:32 <eekim> one other thing we want
May 25 21:22:44 <eekim> if all goals are set to "no", we want it to show a different message
May 25 21:23:02 <eekim> basically a default message asking people to connect this proposal to one or more priorities
May 25 21:32:58 * eekim watches Ashlee hack away via recent changes
May 25 21:33:19 <eekim> are there other strategy topics people would like to discuss?
May 25 21:34:42 <eekim> mmm... quiet tonight. philippe picked a good night to opt out.
May 25 21:36:40 <Charcoal_> well i have a question. not really strategy, but does wikiversity have a set goal. because it seems to be really similar to wikibooks.
May 25 21:37:16 <Charcoal_> mikelifeguard answered it pretty well but i'm still confused as to why both are still up and running.
May 25 21:37:26 <eekim> wikibooks is specifically focused on textbooks
May 25 21:37:39 <eekim> wikiversity is about everything else related to learning
May 25 21:37:49 <eekim> i agree, the difference is a bit gray
May 25 21:38:31 <eekim> i don't contribute to either project, so i don't know the answer, but it does seem like you could potentially merge the two projects
May 25 21:39:30 <Charcoal_> right, ok. so for courses in wikiversity, to better organize them i guess we could refer to wikibooks for the information and not add new material onto those pages...? maybe. i'm just speculating.
May 25 21:40:04 <eekim> sadly, i'm not the right person to help
May 25 21:40:10 <eekim> perhaps ask on #wikimedia
May 25 21:40:10 <Charcoal_> those pages meaning the wikiversity pages. because right now there are a ton of wikiversity pages which are just incomplete versions of their wikibook counterparts
May 25 21:40:20 <Charcoal_> ok will do. thanks anyways :D
May 25 21:40:40 <mikelifeguard> Charcoal_: #wikibooks is probably better, though it is dead at the moment and I'm busy
May 25 21:41:02 <mikelifeguard> darklama participates on both projects, he can perhaps be nicer to Wikiversity than I can :D
May 25 21:41:02 <eekim> no problem, Charcoal_. hope you find the answers to your questions.
May 25 21:41:22 <Charcoal_> ah ok. i'll check back tomorrow then. thanks for the help everyone :)
May 25 21:41:34 <eekim> thanks as always, mikelifeguard, for being helpful :-)
May 25 21:41:35 * Charcoal_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
May 25 21:55:55 * mikelifeguard bangs the gong
May 25 21:56:05 <eekim> good timing. five more minutes.
May 25 21:57:48 <mikelifeguard> eekim: Have you guys come up with plans for cleaning up non-strategy-related proposals on the wiki?
May 25 21:58:08 <eekim> the sidebar Ashlee is helping with is part of the plan
May 25 21:58:28 <eekim> as part of the creation process, we want people to show how the proposal relates to strategic priorities
May 25 21:58:43 <eekim> we can then sort / display appropriately
May 25 21:58:57 <mikelifeguard> ok, cool
May 25 21:59:21 <eekim> see for more thoughts
May 25 21:59:25 <eekim> would love your input on that page
May 25 21:59:56 <mikelifeguard> you assume I have thoughts
May 25 22:00:06 <mikelifeguard> After all the philosophy I've been reading, I'm lucky to have a pulse
May 25 22:00:10 <eekim> :-)
May 25 22:00:13 <Jamesofur> lol
May 25 22:00:17 <eekim> i'll settle for a pulse
May 25 22:00:20 <Jamesofur> I know that feeling
May 25 22:00:24 * J-A-way is now known as JSleeping
May 25 22:00:50 <eekim> that's what we all should be doing
May 25 22:00:59 <eekim> okay, folks, another day, another office hours
May 25 22:01:08 <eekim> believe it or not, i have another meeting now :-(
May 25 22:01:32 <eekim> Ashlee, thanks for all your help. Really good stuff.
May 25 22:01:56 <eekim> Philippe's been fretting about his lack of template fu, so now he won't have to worry as much :-)
May 25 22:01:59 <Jamesofur> have fun with that :) I agree if we can break down the tasks and "needs" it will be a lot easier to get people to sign up to help with those
May 25 22:02:19 <eekim> i hope so. and i hope you'll help with that.
May 25 22:02:33 <mikelifeguard> thanks, eekim
May 25 22:02:38 <Jamesofur> will sure try :), cya eekim
May 25 22:02:41 <mikelifeguard> have a good day
May 25 22:02:45 <eekim> thanks all. have a good night!
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