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From Strategic Planning

After a couple months reading and contributing to this wiki I think I'm firm in the two areas where I:

  • Think progress is attainable
  • Will have a great impact
  • and can be applied to all projects.

1. Rewarding editors (see Category:Proposals for editor awards or rewards and the article editor awards and rewards).

We need to greatly improve on the barnstar. Ideally the best of our editors should be able to use their service to Wikipedia as a bonus for their CV. This will require that the rewards are given following a relatively stringent procedure of assessment. The very best editors should get a letter/certificate from the Foundation in appreciation for their work.

There's plenty to be offered below that, though; I greatly like the idea of 'video game' style features that provide short-term rewards for achievable goals.

2. Embracing some aspects of social sites (see Category:Proposals for new social features and the article social features).

We need to make project user pages worth returning to. At the moment we visit our own user page mainly to add more detail about ourselves. But I think they could act as a personal hub where we can track what our friends have been doing on the projects. For example, what if I could see on my userpage what ten of my friends with accounts across all Wikimedia projects had done in the last day or so? Maybe they wouldn't even have to edit? There could be a "reddit" type button on an article which would feed into the system that a user has read a particular article and then that would appear on his friends user page as a recent activity. Users should have a way of following the activities of friends. It will keep people coming back to check for updates.

We also need better communication tools for editors. I think, though, that they should also be completely transparent so that all interaction is logged and publicly viewable as all edits are now. I want to be able to communicate with ten people who share an interest by clicking just one "submit" button. I should be able to message everyone who edited a particular article (or everyone that has signed up to receive messages sent "to the article").

I think any increase in communication may create attendant problems, so such ideas would have to be given serious scrutiny to make sure they don't cause unforseen difficulties.

Top priority

These proposals all address the issue I'm most interested in: how do we recruit, keep and motivate editors whilst getting the best out of them? I think it's all about rewards (my proposal).

Others I like

Most favoured

These are proposals that I think are great and very important but also ones I may not involve myself with much as the strategy process goes on.

Keen on

These are proposals which I think may help the projects but don't have such strong feelings about.


These are proposals I like the sound of but am not particularly passionate about.

Needs lots of work, but could develop into something

These are proposals that I think have the seed of a good idea but the proposal is lacking as put forwards by the contributor.

Good feature requests, but probably not strategies (roughly in order of how much I like them)

Favoured resources

Favoured task forces

Unsorted proposals for task force