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Overview & Pattern Breakdown of Proposals

This is not per se a breakdown of favourites; indeed I have very little of an axe to grind in this respect, having been involved in Wikipedia from almost the outset and I am more than content with en/wikipedia given that it is now an almost reliable and encyclopaedic work. I do however see that there are areas which need addressing and although these are not of primary concern to me, I can see that there are obvious (and some less than obvious) benefits which may be derived to the greater community through their implementation.

As you may have gathered from my user page much of my work is in technology and its relationship to people, and one of the primary methodologies for identifying people's relationships with abstract concepts is by the use of categorisation by Design Patterns. From the user favourites pages, I have started in on the Pattern categorisation process, primarily for my own benefit but hopefully also for the Task Force I am currently involved with. Many (in fact almost all) of the proposals do indeed fall within certain clearly discernible patterns, and a brief breakdown of these by pattern type is set out below. Not all Proposals fit neatly, and a certain amount of show-horning has necessarily taken place, and some Proposals fit neatly across multiple Pattern types; where duplication occurs, a Proposal will be marked accordingly.

I will eventually work this into a Proposal By Pattern page.

Issue Resolution Patterns

Administrator Patterns

Editor Patterns

Beginners Patterns

Social Patterns

Competitive Patterns

This Pattern seeks to extend the scope and reach of the community by creating and fostering a competitive reward based culture.

Community Extension Patterns

This Pattern seeks to extend the scope and reach of the community by creating and extending resources to contributors.

Community Segmentation Patterns

This Pattern seeks to extend the scope and reach of the community by specifically targetting user groups.

Simplification Patterns

This pattern deals with improvement Proposals founded around simplification of process.

Technological Improvement Patterns

This pattern focuses on technology-centric improvements

MetaData Patterns

This pattern deals with issues relating to utilising and exposing Wikicommons metadata

Publicity Patterns

Offline Patterns

This pattern deals with offline, and unconnected (internet-wise) usage and access.

Notes on Task Force issues/objectives & miscellaneous other considerations:

  • What are the objectives?

Randomran's take:

    • Find causes of veteran burnout, and reduce their impact
    • Find causes of new user rejection, and reduce their impact
    • Improve outreach to potential users with other motivations for participation
    • Improve outreach to potential users from other demographic backgrounds
    • Make Wikipedia a nicer place to do otherwise hard work
  • Metrics - are there any? how reliable? coverage?
  • What exactly do we mean by community health? Is it measurable or quantifiable?
  • Time - uh oh, this starts to get metaphysical - what do we understand by time? Days, months, years, an article lifespan?
  • Is there really an apparent decline or is it all just apparent? What do we mean by decline? Numbers? Quality?
  • We are assuming there is a real decline to be addressed. Is this in fact the case? Or is it a blip? Or a natural peak/trough/ project maturity issue?
  • Ah. policies. Wiki seems big on a policy and likes them. Lots of them. So much so that some of them are mutually contradictory...
  • Identification of strategic opportunities... Investment? Let's find out what this means in real terms....
  • Support mechanisms. Identification & fostering? Roles?