From Strategic Planning

I'm a freelance interaction designer with interests in usability, experience and service design, and strategy.

I've lived most of my life in New Zealand, but a short time in the Netherlands, and currently in Argentina.

Generally I only read articles on Wikipedia because I find editing too difficult or intimidating for various reasons. I'm very easily confused (I've made multiple attempts just to update this simple page).

I've done unofficial Myers-Briggs tests over the years and I'm consistently INTP although paradoxically I think I falsify answers to lead to this result, but perhaps that's just an INTP characteristic?

I have no barnstars, and only recently discovered at Wikimania 2009 what they are. I think they are kind of ugly and not sure if I would want one on my userpage anyway.

You can find me on twitter at @mathewsanders or at my site