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Cog-scripted-svg.svg How do I get involved?

At this point in the process, we've collected questions and proposals: now it's time to discuss them and to see how they tie to a greater vision. Below are a few links that might be of interest.

Questions that need answers (en) is a great place to start the discussion.

»  Cap on hauríem d'anar? (en)
»  Noves propostes
»  What are the task forces? (en)
»  Com participar-hi
»  What can I do to help on the wiki? (en)

Cog-scripted-svg.svg How does this process work?

»  Sobre aquest procés (en)
»  Directrius comunitàries (en)
»  Preguntes freqüents (en)

Cog-scripted-svg.svg Talking about strategic planning
Watch or View the slides of Jimmy Wales' State of the Wiki address. This is his presentation in a .pdf format, but open office formats are coming as quickly as possible as well!
Fes-nos saber quines altres quedades i trobades es celebren l'any proper.
Office hours
Online IRC office hours about the strategy project are held weekly on IRC.
Questions about this wiki? Ask on the Village pump.