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How do I get involved?

At this point in the process, we've collected questions and proposals: now it's time to discuss them and to see how they tie to a greater vision. Below are a few links that might be of interest.

Questions that need answers (en) is a great place to start the discussion.

»  Ont deuriá anar Wikimedia ? (en)
»  Apèl a proposicions
»  What are the task forces? (en)
»  Cossí participar
»  What can I do to help on the wiki? (en)

How does this process work?
Talking about strategic planning
Watch or View the slides of Jimmy Wales' State of the Wiki address. This is his presentation in a .pdf format, but open office formats are coming as quickly as possible as well!
Fasètz-nos saber quins rencontres e autres acamps se van sebanar al cors de l'annada.
Office hours
Online IRC office hours about the strategy project are held weekly on IRC.
Questions about this wiki? Ask on the Village pump.