From Strategic Planning

    My Favourites

    These are my favourites amongst the suggestions by other people, though several have been tweaked by me.

    1. Proposal:Keep the servers running
    2. Proposal:Be nice
    3. Proposal:Text-to-speech
    4. Proposal:Values
    5. Proposal:More photographs (I added a bit to this one)
    6. Proposal:Endow a prize
    7. Proposal:Add game-like features
    8. Proposal:Community sustainability
    9. Proposal:Nonfree media vault or time capsule
    10. Proposal:Involving older people
    11. Proposal:Show number of users watching a page
    12. Proposal:Watch Category option
    13. Proposal:Be More Inclusive and Friendly to Newbies

    Ones I like but don't think are realistic

    Some I'm really not keen on

    My Proposals

    I also like my own proposals but don't think I'm the best judge of their priority against other users' ideas.