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From Strategic Planning
Achieve continued growth in readership.
Focus on quality content.
Increase participation.
Stabilize the infrastructure.
Encourage innovation.
위키미디어 전략 기획
지구상에 있는 모두가 서로 지식을 자유롭게 공유할 수 있는 세상을 상상해 보세요. 그것이 바로 우리들이 실현하고자 하는 모습입니다.

잘 오셨습니다!

이곳은 위키 미디어 운동을 위한 5년(2010년에서 2015년) 전략 계획을 개발하기위한 작업 공간 및 커뮤니티 모임 장소입니다.
위키 미디어 운동 가기 (en) (See background (en) for more on this process.) The goal is to explore where we are now (en), where we should go, and how we should get there (en).

어떻게 도와드릴까요?

Discuss and self-organize around ideas devoted to achieving our movement priorities:

찾아보기 수정 가입 제안(Propose)

View a complete list of proposals. (See below for a list sorted by activity.)

Improve existing proposals by commenting, editing, merging, and categorizing.

Take action! Sign-up for a proposal, and help Wikimedia accomplish its five-year goals.

Have an idea that's not already listed? Propose it, and encourage others to participate!

Active Proposals Highly-Ranked Proposals Proposals by Sign-Ups
<activity sort="edits" type="proposal" max="10"/> <activity sort="ranking" type="proposal" max="10"/> <activity sort="members" type="proposal" max="10"/>

Want to organize a group of people to discuss possible proposals? Join or form a task force.

There are three phases (en) to this process:

Level-Setting Deep Dives Synthesis
Done Done  Doing


Research, data, and analysis goes into our knowledge-base, Wikimedia-pedia (en), where it helps inform this strategic planning process.

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