List of proposals/By incoming links

    From Strategic Planning

    Proposals sorted by incoming links, which is a good proxy for popularity/ranking:

    Go beyond the Wikis
    Real-time chat
    Expert review
    A "be bold" campaign
    A central wiki for interlanguage links
    Distributed Wikipedia
    Run an annual prize for best featured content
    Get another CMS for Commons
    Facebook connect
    Reward editors
    Volunteer Toolkit
    WYSIWYG default editor
    A central repository of all language independent data
    Geonotice improvements
    Wikimedia editor
    Add game-like features
    Future-driven Wikipedia
    Easier Editing
    Survey Former users
    Users Can Choose to Take Advertising
    Java applet support
    Add or redesign tab for original research
    Make Wikimedia scale
    Keep the servers running
    Audio/visual Presentation Competition
    No Advertising
    Brand name consolidation
    Alliances and partnerships
    Better System For Discussions
    Universal User Page
    International Wikimedia Chapters Network
    Stop using wikis for tasks for which wikis are not suitable
    Implement OAuth for MediaWiki (and employ in Wikimedia)
    Make Wikimedia projects scale
    Work on developing a sustainable international structure
    Defining and enhancing analytics from Wikipedia data
    Tutorials for finding peer-reviewed secondary literature
    Offline Wikipedia
    Structured Data
    Integrate Melancholie's statistics
    Visualization methods
    Building a database of all books ever published
    Markup for Maps
    Improve software, keep up with the times
    AMERIV - InspirationsPlattform
    Develop systems for accuracy review
    A 'common knowledge' database - like 'Cyc'
    Watch Category option
    Community sustainability
    Be nice
    Board transparency
    Authority over content disputes
    Language demand statistics
    Be nice/ko
    Host a microblogging service
    Include standard and frequently-used templates in the editing toolbar
    Digital Archaeology
    Be nice/nl
    Call for Proposals
    Markup for charts and graphs
    Base de donnée interlangue
    Wiki ESP
    Create editorial boards to oversee editing of controversial topic areas
    Less anonymity
    Inline SVG preference
    Improve transparency of article status and the editing process
    Filtering out vandalism in edit history
    To create standard basic table template accross Wiki
    Be nice/en
    Global templates
    Regional Working Groups
    Involving older people
    Be nice/fr
    Be nice/fy
    Apply levels of importance
    Named revisions and coalesced revisions
    Be nice/id
    Integration across languages and WMF projects
    Create an accessibility committee
    Make Commons more accessible to the average visitor
    Allow image rating for Commons
    Include competitive approaches to creating content
    Be nice/lv
    Editing usability improvements
    Dublin Core
    Be More Inclusive and Friendly to Newbies
    Help people understand the variety of ways in which the may contribute
    Interwiki links for redlinks
    Create Scientific, Popular and Hobby encyclopedia levels
    Embedded live user assistance
    Be nice/ar
    Multilingual Wiktionary
    Be nice/de
    Change Wikipedia Notability Guidelines
    Improving our platform
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias/uk
    No more Fair Use
    JavaServer Pages (JSP) and templates
    Data-driven content
    Multiple watchlists
    Create a reputation system and require logging-in to edit
    Divide Wikipedia
    Build WikiProject tools into MediaWiki
    Foundations for Interactive Articles
    Traditional Volunteer Management Rewards and Recognition
    Editor attribution and better citation handling for editors
    Publicize reference desk services and article readership statistics
    Improve WMF-chapter relationships
    Wikimedia Internship
    Legitimizing a Scholarly Collaborative
    Parallel articles in same article space for controversial topics
    Improve interfacing with academia
    Record and upload sound clips in web application
    Common watchlists
    Representative mediation (dispute resolution)
    Core topics complete
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias/ca
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias/de
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias/en
    User pages should work more like social networking sites
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias/nl
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias/pl
    Smart category browsing
    Hire experts and don't allow changes from original
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias/ru
    Stupidity of increasingly smaller crowds
    Visualize revision history in a fancy way
    Distributed backup of Wikimedia content
    Right to Left support
    A MediaWiki Parser in C
    Administrative hierarchy
    Better research tools
    Video-format presentation of article history
    Charge for extra Userspace
    Get rid of the global anonymity
    Hub Page
    Separate content from style
    Assessment content
    Use Geonotices on larger wikipedias to promote local language pedias
    Support the fight against cross wiki vandalism
    Getting more information
    Audio offerings
    Easier video submitting
    Authoring groups
    Wikimedia for Education
    Social Interaction Features
    Make sure "Most wanted articles" is working in English and other languages
    Endorse OpenDocument format or XWiki OfficeImporter
    Reach out by active promotion of content in wiki-weak large languages
    Endow a prize
    Change name of operation "move" to "rename"
    A repository for reminiscences
    Collaboration with Flickr
    Content translated automatically
    Collaborative Google Wave-based Wikipedia editing
    A series of videos to dissuade vandals, encourage new editors, welcome and inform newbies of key editing policies and perhaps more
    Volunteer Management practices to Expand Participation
    Wikimedia social networking platform
    Support OpenID
    Universal login eligibility by default
    Up loading facilities
    Cooperate with
    Semantic wiki-web
    Can Wikimedia Become A 300 Million People Movement By 2020?
    Wikimedia TV
    Academic web2
    Require all new user Accounts to start as anonymous
    Strategic meetings
    More multi dialect wikis
    Librsvg development funding
    A beginners video tutorial on how to use wikimedia sites
    WhiteWiki, BlackWiki, GreyWiki
    Scholarships for contributors who bring vital articles to featured status
    Peer review by academic institutions
    Sponsor a "Wikipedia loves Threadless" design challenge
    Long term strategy development
    AJAX based quick editing
    Flag Featured article diffs
    Distributed Infrastructure
    Focus primarily on content
    Change languages quickly
    Wiki for kids
    Search engine presence
    Values - what is important to us, as an organization?
    Global watchlists
    Wikipedia Fundraising Strategy (small donations)
    Reader-driven layouts and content
    A Brazilian Portuguese Wikipedia
    Extend editors' identity creation
    Interlanguage reunification
    Create directives to decide debates/de
    Journal (A peer-review journal to allow/encourage academics to write Wikipedia articles)
    Facebook and orkut integration API
    Article Short-Summaries
    Between blue links and red links: orange links
    Create directives to decide debates/sv
    Wikinews Accredited Reporter Identity Cards
    Keep the contents legal
    Academic degree from Wikimedia
    Third World Wikipedia Mirroring
    Move references out of the code
    End of the Power games
    A Wikipedia of "Locked" Featured Articles
    RPC-based facebook-esque API
    Text or Syntax driven Charts, Diagrams, Graphs and more
    Filter content based on desired level of detail
    Hire Nikerabbit and Siebrand
    Make it more universal
    More photographs
    Multilanguage categories
    Interwikis and categories outside article code
    Distribute computers to schools in developing countries
    Open the Archives
    Develop a copyright enforcement system
    Wikipedia Fund
    Ebook shops
    A quick and easy way to release all rights to a contribution for anonymous users
    Consider use of Apache Jackrabbit GQL
    Allow CSL licensing for Wikibooks
    Wikiversity assistant teacher program laboratory school
    Better Video
    Emergency Slimdown
    More wiki, less politics/power struggle
    Reliable content
    Tools for tracking reuse of Commons media
    Universal/global watchlists
    Nonfree media vault or time capsule
    Host Wikipedia from Space
    Combination of all langages into a unipedia
    Intelligent Editors
    Add video game-like features
    WikiWords - A way to advertise wikipedia in other websites
    Extended use of interwiki
    OSM relate, Encyclopedic OpenStreetMap
    Volunteer grant writing support
    Cooperate with (and/or operate) ebook shop(s)
    Create directives to decide debates/en
    Stay the same
    Wikipedia exclusively for Kids
    OSM relate, Online 2.0 SVG editor
    Preparing a translation machine
    Support for high resolution images
    Academic Peer Review -layer
    Move references out of article text
    Object-oriented API for articles
    WikiGIS -- Setup a GeoServer to Share Georeferenced Data
    Publish a collectors edition wikibreviated
    Infographic interactivity
    SEO Market and Contributor Funnel
    Delete All Wikimedia Projects
    Speedy deletion - 24 hour pause for some articles
    MediaWiki Admin Control Panel
    Events (Ongoing support of community-run events)
    Translator (Hire a sufficient number of professional translators)
    Interoperability (Wiki-to-Wiki interoperability)
    Make Wikisource scale
    MediaWiki language and project support
    Every piece of information in Wikipedia should be cited
    Use ReCaptcha
    Blender Integration
    Corporate sponsors via corporate pages
    Create new projects and put them for sale
    Strengthen video creation
    Dump Task forces on this wiki and start real work ourselves
    Education search engine and web filter
    Merging inactive wikiprojects of small languages
    Tip Jar for Editors
    Wikischolarships (individuals are granted online access to paid scientific publications)
    End of the democracy game or downfall
    Algorithm to assign an estimated credibility to articles
    Multi-level Articles (By Difficulty)
    Concise Image Commons
    Mehr Fotos, einfachere Lizenzierung
    Integrated educational experience
    Add OpenLaszlo/Java support to make interactive content possible
    Re-hire Larry Sanger
    Integrated learning experience
    Rethink categorization and listing
    Sponsored research and development
    Multimedia File Formats Standards to maximise bandwith efficiency
    Proposal for indian market
    Integrated tool to assist in translations
    To diversify participation and create high quality content we should use amateur resources
    Auto sign on talk pages
    Reaching the Third World
    Develop cooperation model with educational publishing companies
    More precise referencing
    Auto sign on talk pages (done)
    Globale Basis-Wikipedia
    Solicited advertisement/en
    Making editing & adding media simpler
    Globalize Reliable Sources
    Better View History
    Wiki labs to acquire photos
    Launch 'My Wikipedia'
    Map conventions
    Add user comments possibility
    Extend Wikipedia to include external authentication
    Approach potential merger partners, and be open to mergers and partnerships
    Foundation manages Board elections
    Dictionary extensions
    Editing in Internet cafés
    Thematic Chapters
    More Graphs and Less Math=More Approachable
    Allow original research
    Pseudonymous PGP
    Chapter and money
    Combination of all languages into a unipedia
    Thematic Chapters/ca
    Allow people to upload up to two videos on a wiki page only if it is about the subject
    P2P storage
    Reassess the Bundesarchiv deal
    Wikimedia Help (A single wiki to centralize all of the help content)
    Rename the discussion page
    Thematic Chapters/en
    Establishment of offices in India
    How to build a proposal review community
    Replace NPOV with Identifiable-POV
    Direct image uploads to Commons
    Drop the idea that everyone can contribute knowledge
    Encouraging process improvement
    Ads (Werbung auf Wikipedia-Seiten)
    Thematic Chapters/es
    Allow upload of flash animations
    Improve email system
    Directed community fundraising
    Editorial teams (Redaktionen)
    Article modification alert (done)
    Getting in touch with people who have no Internet access more
    BibTeX database and Bibliography namespace
    Canadian English Wikipedia
    Purchase content from Thomson Reuters for Wikinews
    Alternative main page with advertisement linking and financing add free wiki pages
    Funding of Free knowledge centers in poverty areas
    Wiki Expeditions
    Wikimedia TV/de
    Display the Green Fan (EvoSwitch) logo
    .WIKI. and .WK. top level domains
    Dumb Down Wikipedia
    End of the Power games/de
    Welcome all useful new users, if necessary by a bot
    Wikimedia TV/en
    Require x amount of admins for a decision
    Accessibility for deaf and visually impaired communities
    Advertisments on High-Traffic pages
    Alumni-organization (send email and welcome returnees)
    Attract actual experts
    Fusion of social network and Wikimedia
    Visual dictionary
    Wikijobs job search engine
    Wikimedia TV/pt
    Show number of users watching a page
    Distribute Infrastructure
    American English Wikipedia
    Simple Wikipedias
    Actually delete old deleted articles
    Raising and resolving article quality issues
    Mehr Fotos, einfachere Lizenzierung/de
    More pictures, easier licensing (Mehr Fotos, einfachere Lizenzierung)
    Unblock formerly open IP addresses
    Wiki-assisted University and School
    Search engine optimization
    Kick start languages where Wikipedia is weak
    Easy move between wikis
    Embedding templates deeper (for each type of content)/de
    Micro advertisement box
    Experts as advisors/controllers not owners/en
    No arbitrary control of topics
    People should be allowed to create autobiographies
    Image API
    Wikimedia foundation to act as sponsor for free culture projects
    Develop an online Wikimania conference
    API (article=class)
    Sub-Wikipedias for towns, districts, villages,
    Synch with Meta
    Embedding templates deeper (for each type of content)/en
    The german Wikipedia should remain advertisement-free
    Multiple revision for wiki (basic,advance)
    General requirements in matter of knowledges representation
    In a Hardcovered Book
    Integrated tool to assist in translations/ca
    Review notability standards
    Create a new user-class, Proven
    Stable Release Tab
    MVC Strategy Observations
    Submissions get a "editor, inspect this" (allow readers to request review)
    Make the editing of the articles easier
    Embedding video files from different archives
    Explore how interface affects behaviour
    Wikipedia as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity
    Forbid tags (editing process templates and metamessages) in articles
    Wiki in a Stick, with auto-update
    Read the Proposals as Videos on youtube
    Integrated tool to assist in translations/en
    Editable Graphics
    The ultimate dictionary
    Mobile platform flexibilities
    Voluntary subscription
    WikiVote (global surveys)
    Change upload form
    Searching for articles by typing a question
    Don't "bite" campaign
    Sugar-in-VirtualBox as a browser plugin
    Editeur wysiwyg
    Enable merging of accounts, and do this to abusive sockpuppets
    Wikipedia as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity/it
    Navigation between the different projects
    Implement secret ballots
    Remove JimboWales name from Rules
    Rewriting of oversight policy
    Create directives to decide debates
    Make Global contribs and Commons user gallery on Toolserver work
    Donated remote proxy server network
    Support African languages
    Mark a watched page as visited and compare since latest visit
    Track bugs in other projects impeding our progress
    Most wanted articles or WIKI-links
    German Wikipedia respecting the rules of civil communication
    Contributor diaries
    Wikipedia Library/de
    Life in the Year 2105 Wiki
    Enable school usage and acceptance (done)
    Establish community of wiki members in specific areas or locals
    Prepare to deal with paid "editors"
    Wikimedia with every song on
    Wikipedia Library/en
    Define metarules to set rules with fewer conflicts
    Encourage laid-off automobile workers to edit Wikipedia articles related to the worldwide recession
    Free Translation Memory
    Wikipedia through phones
    Graveyard (Attic repository for discarded paragraphs)
    Call for proposals always open
    Wikibay - torrents for large mediafiles
    Rebranding and Aesthetical changes
    Comment function
    Internationalise the Toolserver
    Specify intermediate format for printing Wikibooks that can be rendered with Apache FOP
    Editorial team/de
    More connection between the Wikimedia projects
    Wikipedia exclusively for Kids.
    New Software for new strategies
    Pageview count
    Between blue links and red links: orange links (for article quality)
    Recognize that Wikipedia is more than an encyclopedia and fork it
    Links repository project
    Make Wikipedia better known ("smaller" languages)
    Dual system reporting and logged-in editing only
    Templates and same sections for related articles
    Ads (Werbung auf Wikipedia-Seiten)/de
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias
    Wikifying browser
    List of Wikimedians by number of edits
    Discussion Interface Study
    Merge Wiki species with Encyclopaedia of Life
    Ads (Werbung auf Wikipedia-Seiten)/en
    Tidy up and simplify the warnings on the edit page
    More metadata for artworks
    New marketing concept in social media in 4 phases
    Office in Africa
    Getting more in touch with people who have no Internet access
    Beendigung der Machtspiele
    Weather tracking
    IBM NetRexx scripting
    Canadian French Wikipedia
    Sandbox for each article
    Set better example for Mass Media
    Wikipedia in homeless shelters
    Official Anthem for English Wikipedia
    Partner with the Smithsonian
    Care to prevent Wikipedia privatization
    Insist on metric units
    Comparison with printed encyclopaedias
    Wikipedia Adwords
    Supporting Third world education
    End of the Power games/en
    Be more free and easy
    Give Rollbackers some blocking rights
    Inspector generals, ombudsmen, and little guy advocates
    Local image and content hunting and digitalizing
    Local lore and heritage
    Eliminate vandals on sight
    I want to see Wikipedia win the Nobel Prize
    Wiki On-The-Go
    Reduce content rules causing conflicts
    Wikimedia Web Annotation system
    Resolution for friendly editing
    Create widgets to embed Wiki articles in all pages
    To build a well formed wiki markup language
    Newsletter (digest-type email with changes according to watchlist)
    Hire brand ambassadors
    Identify donors with an icon
    Retain good editors, increase editor numbers and get more quality contributions from both groups. How? Read on...
    Create WikiProject Nanotechnology
    KiIsWhoWi social net
    Los Angeles Chapter
    Wikipedia music radio
    GLAMwiki (for cooperation with galleries, libraries, archives and museums)
    Branch in East asia
    Symptom based disease search
    Wikipedia TV station on Bell ExpressVu
    Une interface épurée et dépouillée pour les sites de la Wikimedia Foundation
    Wikipedia office in Mexico
    Gateway to Information
    Wikitutorials-learn anything in chapters
    Hire people to check the credibility of certain wikis
    Wikimania 2014 in Mexico City/en
    Connectivity (Internationalize the russian/ukrainian project "Connectivity")
    Retirement of long-time editors
    Create a 2nd Wikipedia for knowlege without sources
    Knowledge Representation One Step Further
    Solicited advertisement
    Wikiversity & Wikipedia sharing articles
    Optional Joystix font
    Hold Wiki knowledge drives
    Protect new articles for one hour after creation
    Clubs for 0.5 mil. & 100 thousand articles Wikipedias (en)
    Wikimedia project of animations and educational games
    Edit/ move rights for Rollbackers
    The third party authors
    Mirror,, and
    Engage expatriate populations for their language and the language of the new country
    To make contents of the encyclopedia more accessible to a computer analysis
    Announce new Wikipedia for new hope/en
    Wikipedia questions
    Nomenclature and Etymology
    Voice of the Customer: Brand Review
    Platform Centric
    Hold a Wikipedia field day at Valley Heights Secondary School
    Change the name of the Wikipedia website to OmniScience
    Wikimedia projects rules of behaviour as the basis for a system of ethics for an Artificial Inteligence
    Revive and save the Yiddish languge
    Wikipedia Interactive
    Search in specific wikis
    Standardization of text structures
    Maggior controllo degli scritti
    Tablet interface
    Environmental policy for paper products
    Wikipedia as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity/en
    Verbesserter graphischer Editor
    WikiChrono project
    Include a boss key
    Contest to win a special Wikipedia DVD designed just for the contest winner
    Data Driven Journalism
    Solutions for citations and unsure facts
    Development of Interactive Content Authoring Tool
    Stardict dictionaries from Wiktionary
    Teach people about Wikipedia at Epcot Center
    The ultimate dictionary/fr
    Better View History/es
    PopularTourism- A wiki application for sharing all Mexican tourism information
    Build experts communities
    Change usergroup name "Oversight"
    Launch 'My Wikipedia' (Done: User subpages)
    Stardict dictionaries from Wiktionary (Better support for open source dictionaries)
    Tech transparency: What are we running?
    Wikipedia should have the same editing tools as this site
    Verifiability policy considered harmful
    Notability guidelines for open source software
    Go music
    Better and Increased Quality
    Wiki weddings
    Wikimedia to use TSAI
    Sound and video bites
    State of the Art Wikimedia
    Make Semantic Annotations Possible
    Motley's Crew Wikipedia
    Wikipedia comic strip
    Francisez le tableau des 12 propositions
    Wikipedia the Musical
    Back to the roots
    Hotcat interwiki script
    Wiki - On Screen
    Improve Mailing list system
    Right to left printable version pictures problem
    Digital scrapbook
    Support every language rendering
    More appropriate support and development for multimedia content
    Neues Wiki für Weblinks (New Wiki for Weblinks)/de
    Witchhunts to remove admins/en
    Become an encyclopedia of Applied Science
    Pages that Cite this Article links
    Wiki Broadcast
    Rimedo por facile kaj rapide forlasi siajn rajtojn pri kontribuaĵo senensaluta
    Lecture notes to wiki
    Define metarules to set rules with fewer conflicts/en
    A Visual Representation of the Worlds Knowledge
    Green wikilinks - an invitation to read
    How to make wikipedia a safe encyclopedia
    Chronologically Lewis (a major resource for the biography of C. S. Lewis)
    Commenting on Wikinews
    Wikimedia Regional Chapter in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
    Internetless users the way is Wiki backups !
    'Printer friendly' links for articles
    A Wikimedia Regional Chapter in Brantford, Ontario, Canada
    Me gustaria ver a wikipedia en
    Mention Wikipedia on PBS Kids Go television shows
    Wikipedia for MS-DOS
    Upload and release pre-existing content
    Offer Google translation services with cursor hover over word in webpage
    Wiki Eventos
    Create layouts to focus articles
    'go to top' buttons at every section title
    Storage capacity saving
    Make Wikiquote scale/it
    A Wikipedia Museum
    Editorial teams (Redaktionen)/de
    Move to an OpenURL-type mechanism for linking to sources / references
    Wikipedia for PlayStation 3 on Blu-Ray
    View deleted pages
    Partner with the Royal Ontario Museum
    Privatization of knowledge (Privatisierung des Wissens)/de
    Core wikipedias
    Create layouts to focus articles/en
    Delete sighted versions
    Spice it up a bit, make it easier
    Accelerating the learning curve for new editors
    Advance deletions to be retired or userfied pages
    Turning off inline citations
    Assignment for version number to each article
    New tag for forced substitution of templates
    Virtual wikis needed
    Многоязыковая поддержка с профессиональными переводчиками (Multi-language support with professional translators)
    Wiki Idea Generator
    Improve redirects for categories
    Interweave with Real World
    Spider popular project page interwikis
    Distinguish Between "Articles to be Treated as Sources" and "Articles to be Treated as References"
    Make a country song using Wikipedia as a theme
    More multi dialect wikis.
    Expert Review
    Fight vandalism
    New wiki language
    Beobachtungsliste in mehreren Sprachen
    Pay for a flyer in Esperanto
    Project future statistics for each article
    IPhone/iPod Touch Offical Wikipedia App
    RSS and or Atom feeds per article
    Redirect to Main Page
    Create Broader Book Interface
    Key Concepts
    Describe how stuff works
    3D Museums
    Supporting researchers of Wikimedia projects
    Thai Language based Wikimedia
    Mesclagem na autenticação de login Google com o Wikipedia (vice-versa).
    More multimedia elements (Mehr Multimediale Aspekte einfließen lassen)
    Wikipedia kiosks in Wal-Mart
    Visualisierung von Inhalts-Beziehungen
    Плавающая панель с поиском и меню (Floating pane with search and menu)
    White tie gala for Wikipedia
    Centralized interwiki database
    Keywords for images
    Sponsor a NASCAR Sprint Cup race in 2010 or 2011
    Distribute One Laptop Per Child computers to schools in developing countries
    3D Space Maps and Database
    That the users could have your own space
    An animated series based on Wikipedia
    Un support universel de consultation établi
    Give users demerits/merits not threats/en
    Beobachtungsliste per Email oder RSS (Implement a watchlist per Email or RSS)/de
    Cep telefonumda
    Wiki Page Tours
    Improve user page security
    Wikimail, an e-mail system
    Reduce content rules causing conflicts/en
    Connecting Pages
    Creation of "premium content" for fund raising
    Study administrative contributions
    Survey our readers as to what they expect from Wikipedia
    Embedding templates deeper (for each type of content)
    Endorse OpenDocument format
    People resource page.
    WikiPals-A global brotherhood of Wikipedians
    Proposal Entertainment
    Il faut des éditeurs, tout simplement :-)
    Wiki Preschool
    Reduce the amount of traffic of the top 10 Wikipedias to 85%
    Wikipedia Fairness Act
    Add a Romanian Wikipedia
    More pictures, easier licensing (Mehr Fotos, einfachere Lizenzierung)/de
    Optimize the main page for participation
    관리자에의해 삭제된 사용자 작성문건 열람권을 작성 사용자에게 제공
    Löschen von Artikeln (Reduce deletion discussions)/de
    Mehr Inhalte zulassen durch wählbare Informationstiefe (Allow to choose more or less content through selectable information depth)/de
    Add a Romanian Wikipedia (Done)
    Migrate MediaWiki-based projects to Google Wave
    More pictures, easier licensing (Mehr Fotos, einfachere Lizenzierung)/en
    Wikipedia Toolbar For Mac
    Announce new Wikipedia for new hope
    Forbid all templates (and meta-messages) in the article itself
    글 작성자의 임시 저장 페이지 생성
    Solicited advertisement/ca
    General requirements in matter of knowledges representation/fr
    WikiBildung (Allow schools and universities to contribute educational material including videos)/de
    Browser based tools to simplify aggregation
    Reliability and Respectability
    Submissions get a "editor, inspect this" box for first 100 views instead of the proposed "every submission gets viewed by editors first" per 8/25/09 news story
    A schools version of wikipedia, with uneditable encyclopedic content, and the best current affairs without any political or unjust bias
    Mehr Metadaten für Kunstwerke (Dublin Core)/de
    Allow IPs to edit sections on English Wikipedia
    Unified layout for Wiktionary
    Wikipedia rating system for registered users
    Automatic translation (Globale Basis-Wikipedia)/de
    Generate audio from phonetic transcription (Lautschrift akustisch ausgeben)/de
    Outreach Research Packets for schools
    Provide services to facilitate "child-safe" and selective mirror sites
    Wikimedia should arrange press access to photographers
    Mobiltelefonversion von Wikipedia
    Automatic translation of any article to any language
    Wikpedia Fundraising Strategy (small donations)
    Outreach directed at senior citizens
    Proyecto de Wikimedia de animaciónes y juegos didácticos
    Wikipedia Library
    Song Lyrics
    Enable school usage and acceptance
    ErfahrungsWiki (Wiki for Experiences)/de
    Real Time Editing
    Remove duplicated contents
    Lautschrift akustisch ausgeben
    Ability to close/hide left column to allow for more screen space
    Mehr Übersichtlichkeit (More clarity and abstracts for articles)/de
    More Youtube content
    Verify image donations (Bilderspenden)/de
    Witchhunts to remove admins
    Increase the amount of traffic of the bottom 262 Wikipedias to 15%
    Semantic inside wikipedia's articles
    Train editors on communications and empathy
    Get more serious about promoting research on Wikiversity
    Just let Wikimedia live (Lasst Wikimedia einfach leben)/de
    Markup for charts and graphs/he
    Mehr öffentliche Anerkennung (More public appreciation)/de
    Etherpad-based editing
    Article modification alert
    Upgrade Mediawiki as a filesystem management tool
    Free Wiki from propaganda and political correctness
    Wikipedians against Global Warming Foundation
    Base de donnée interlangue
    WYSIWYG editor (Verbesserter graphischer Editor)/de
    Prevent vandalisation of basic information
    Coordination des nouveaux médias
    Separación de Poderes
    Specify intermediate format for printing Wikibooks that can be rendered with XSL-FO
    More control on images
    Faire une différence visible entre le "fond" de l'article et les adjonctions non vérifiées
    New license more free/ca
    Basic education for free
    World map of contributors for photography and other local research (common to all Wikimedia projects)
    Beef up our systems for detecting sockpuppets
    Privatisierung des Wissens
    Text-to-Speech (TTS-Artikel)/de
    Have WMF involved in archiving online citations
    Keine Namensnennung innerhalb des Artikelnamensraums
    Editorial teams (Redaktionen)/en
    Time vault
    Field Guides (Bestimmungsbuch)/de
    Have Wikipedia count down to December 21, 2012
    IPad app
    Satya Prakash
    Keine Namensnennung innerhalb des Artikelnamensraums (Hide editor names in article namespace)/de
    MediaWiki language and project support/en
    Плавающая панель с поиском и меню
    Blooo Foundation
    Required login and restrictions (Anmeldung und Einschränkungen)/de
    Interwiki cooperation
    Wikipedia Articles On Everything
    Create separate WikiProjects for North American, European, Japanese, and Asian video games
    Media review
    Accessibility initiative
    To advertise means to pay
    One watchlist for different language versions at once (Beobachtungsliste in mehreren Sprachen)/de
    Give users demerits/merits not threats
    Beobachtungsliste per Email oder RSS
    Board converter/importer
    Projetos de incentivo a inclusão social através da Wikimedia
    Easier categorisation
    Mexico City
    End of the democracy game or downfall/de
    Visualisierung von Inhalts-Beziehungen (Visualization of content relationships)/de
    Wikipedia Brazilian Portuguese
    Make simple language wikis for non-English languages
    Mi Wikipedia en Español en 5 Años
    To create a multimedia encyclopedy
    Experts as advisors/controllers not owners
    Global language links
    Wikimania 2014 in Mexico City
    Create Wikipedia software available from retail stores or online