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Task force/Community Health

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Participants should be sure they're familiar with the relevant background material. They should also work to identify gaps and collect and summarize more information as it becomes available.

Weekly Reports


Higher turnover rates among editors suggest that contributors may face burn-out or editing fatigue. Likewise, new editors are being reverted at higher rates, potentially indicating community norms that are less welcoming and open to differences or learning than before. Many persons also believe that policy proliferation is a major driver of the decline in contributors.

The goal of this task force is to identify causes of the decline in the community's health, to identify the effect of the proliferation of policies, and to identify solutions to these problems.

The task force has developed answers to these questions to guide their work:

  1. What key measures of community health exist and how have these measures changed over time?
  2. What are the causes in the apparent decline in community?
  3. How can these causes of the decline in community health be addressed? (i.e. cultural norms, technological solutions, communications)
  4. Are some projects more burdened with policies than others? If so, why and what has been the effect?
  5. Which policies have the most direct effect, both positive and negative, on contribution?
  6. Which policies are necessary for the functioning of the Wikimedia community? Which can be eliminated?
  7. What 2-4 strategic opportunities for investment in improving community health would have the most positive effect on the attraction and retention of contributors?
  8. Who is needed to support this strategy (e.g., Wikimedia Foundation, chapters, individual volunteers, external partners), and what should they do?
  • Answers to these eight questions can be found here
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